1960s Crew Patch
USS REQUIN (SS-481/SSR-481) Virtual Tour
1960s Crew Patch

Forward Battery Compartment

This compartment is the forward battery compartment, or officers' country. Half of REQUIN's 252 battery cells were located beneath the deck plates in this compartment. Above the batteries is "Officers' Country", where all of REQUIN's officers, together with the chief petty officers, slept.

Officers' Wardroom

The first compartment on the right, as you enter "Officers' Country" is the wardroom. Here, the officers ate their meals, studied, and planned their missions. The wardroom galley, located just before the wardroom, was where the officers' food was warmed and served.

Opposite the wardroom on REQUIN is the Ship's Office. All of REQUIN's clerical, personnel, and other files were kept here. Opposite the Ship's Office, not seen here, is berthing space for REQUIN's junior officers.
Ship's Office

Captain's Quarters
The last compartment in Officers' Country, just before you enter the control room, is the commanding officers' bunk. The only man aboard REQUIN to have his own bunk, and not have to share it with anyone else, the skipper's quarters, as you can see here, is quite narrow and confined. With sound-powered intercoms and a small compass and gyro, the skipper would know instantly what REQUIN's position was and which way she was headed.


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