1960s Crew Patch
USS REQUIN (SS-481/SSR-481) Virtual Tour
1960s Crew Patch

Control Room / Conning Tower

Control Room

The next compartment on the virtual tour is the control room, the heart of REQUIN (seen here, looking aft). Here, REQUIN's course and location would be monitored or plotted on the chart table, seen in the center of the photograph to the right. The bulbous object located just beneath the chart table, is the ship's gyrocompass. REQUIN's bow and stern planes were controlled by the two large green wheels seen just to the right of the chart table. Located opposite the diving planes station are the ballast manifolds, which controlled REQUIN's depth and trim while she was submerged. Within the same compartment, but located behind the partition at the rear of the photograph is REQUIN's radio room. Now restored to operating condition, REQUIN's radio room is now manned by members of a Pittsburgh area amateur radio club.

Not seen on a tour of REQUIN is the conning tower, which is located above the control room. The photograph on the right shows the view looking into the conning tower from the control room.
Into the conning tower

Conning tower, looking aft
Conning tower, looking forward

Located in the center of the conning tower are REQUIN's observation and attack periscopes. In photograph on the left, the firing keys for the six torpedo tubes can be seen, along with the torpedo data computer, just past the firing panel.

The photograph on the right shows the inside of REQUIN's conning tower, looking forward.

Pittsburgh through a periscope
The photograph at left shows a rather interesting view of Pittsburgh's Point State Park, as seen through REQUIN's observation periscope. This view can now be seen by visitors on REQUIN via a closed-circuit TV monitor located in the control room.

From the conning tower (photograph at left), a ladder leads onto REQUIN's bridge.

The photograph at lower left shows a view, looking forward, towards the City of Pittsburgh from REQUIN's bridge.

The photograph at bottom right showing the view from REQUIN's bridge, looking aft, down the Ohio River towards the West End Bridge.

On the bridge, looking forward
On the bridge, looking aft


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