SS-481 - First Crew Insignia
USS REQUIN (SS-481/SSR-481)  - Reunion Photos
1960s Crew Patch

1998 Reunion

One of the most interesting times I had at the reunion was to see five of REQUIN's commanding officers. To be able to meet all of them was incredible. Capt. Ed Frame, skipper from 1962 to 64, later paid me a great compliment on my REQUIN book, saying I had done a great job.  

Jack Magee, who served aboard REQUIN as a Lt. (and later was skipper of CUBERA), told an interesting story at the memorial service. He said that at the time he reported aboard REQUIN, SubRon 6 was one heck of a squadron to report to. He was reporting aboard a boat with a Silver Star winner as skipper (Capt. Green), reporting to a division commanded by a Medal of Honor winner (Capt. Street), and finally, reporting to a squadron commanded by Red Ramage.


The five REQUIN skippers in a conversation, just after the memorial service aboard REQUIN. (L to R): Capt. Hank Bress (CO - 54 to 56), Capt. George Street (CO - 46 to 48), Capt. Slade Cutter (first CO), Capt. Ed Frame (CO - 62 to 64), and Capt. David Green (CO - 52 to 54).

The five REQUIN skippers group photo:  

(L to R): Capt. Ed Frame, Capt. Hank Bress, Capt. George Street,  Capt. David Green, and Capt. Slade Cutter. 

What a place to be a fly on the wall.... Shots of the  Hospitality Room at the hotel...

Bob Garlock, the primary mover and shaker behind the REQUIN Reunions and Association, talking with Capt. Slade Cutter.

The banquet....Sunday, September 20, 1998. The highlights of the evening were a great presentation by Capt. Street, as well as remarks by Jack Stewart, Mike Hemming, Bob Armstrong, and Bob Garlock. it's a shameless plug...but what the hell. My book, featured at the front of the Discovery Shop at the Carnegie Science Center...kinda neat to see my book so prominently displayed.

Capt. George Street, signing my REQUIN photo. The next day, he graciously made himself available to answer some of my many questions on REQUIN's time as a radar picket, as he was CO when REQUIN became a picket. 

The Lady herself....REQUIN, as viewed from the waterline on the Ohio River....I almost fell into the river taking this one....

A view of Pittsburgh, taken from REQUIN's bridge.