SS-481 - First Crew Insignia
USS REQUIN (SS-481/SSR-481)  - Reunion Photos
1960s Crew Patch

1998 Reunion

Paul "Alleycat" Kimball, who served from 1951 to 53 on REQUIN. I had met him a few years ago during the Blessing of the Fleet Ceremony at the Navy Memorial in Washington, DC. He also lives near me in Virginia.

Some of the crew from the early 1960s.... (l to r) Adrian Stuke (pointing), Mike Hemming, Bob "Dex" Armstrong, and Vic Casciola. they all served from about 1960 to 1962, with the exception of Mike Hemming, who came aboard REQUIN after "Tink" Garlock died in 1962. Also in this photo are Mike Hemming's wife, Flo (back to camera) and Cathy Harlow, one of Bob Armstrong's daughter. 

Adrian Stuke, Mike Hemming, and Bobby Ray Knight share a joke in the crew's mess on REQUIN.  

Sheridan Ellis-Brown and me. Sheridan served from 1963 to 64 and was the first REQUIN vet I met via e-mail. (Incidentally, he did a VIP cruise on the USS MAINE (SSBN-741) about a month after I had done my cruise. He rode with the Blue crew.)

Herb Wise (center) and Hugh McNair (right) served aboard REQUIN from 1958 to 1960. Earlier this year was the first time they had seen each other since REQUIN. Also in the photo is Hugh's wife Debbie (back to camera) and Herb's son, Shane.