1960s Crew Patch
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1960s Crew Patch

Crew's Mess / After Battery

Located aft of the control room is the crew's mess. This view, showing the crew's mess looking forward, shows the tables used by the crew not only during meals, but also during off hours to relax, read, write letters, etc. The galley, located at the top center of the photograph, is where all of the food for both the officers and crew was prepared. The food served from here was among the best in the Navy. According to many REQUIN veterans, not only was the coffee pot, seen here just beside the galley window, used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but the pastries the cook made here were incredible.

Crew's mess

After battery, crew berthing
Just aft of the crew's mess is the crew's berthing area, also known as the after battery compartment. When REQUIN was converted to a Naval Reserve ship, fifteen bunks were removed and an office, located next to the passageway leading from the crew's mess, was installed.

display bunk
One bunk, located just before the office, has been made up as a display bunk, showing how some of the individual crewman's personal effects sere stored. The whites seen in the left side of the bunk display are "Tink" Garlock's whites. He died onboard REQUIN on September 21, 1962, the only sailor who died while serving aboard REQUIN.

Located beneath the crew's berthing space is the battery space. Once used to hold the other 126 lead-acid batteries of the 252 used on REQUIN, this space was converted into a classroom when REQUIN became a Naval Reserve training ship. Nowadays, this space is used as a science classroom by the Carnegie Science Center and is known as Pittsburgh's only underwater classroom.
Lower after battery


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