SS-481 - First Crew Insignia
USS REQUIN (SS-481/SSR-481)  - Reunion Photos
1960s Crew Patch

1998 Reunion

The 1998 Reunion of former REQUIN crewmen, from all of the periods of REQUIN's service in the US Navy, was held on September 18 through 21, 1998 in Pittsburgh, PA.  

Of the 302 names on the current REQUIN Sailing List, 84 former crewmen plus wives and children attended, making it one heck of a reunion. A lot of the credit for the success of the Reunion should go to Bob Garlock, Bob "Dex" Armstrong, Mike Hemming, Jack Stewart, Adrian Stuke, and Wally Zukowski, who did a hell of a job getting this reunion together. And yes, plans are underway for the reunion in 2001.... 

I considered it a great honor to have been allowed to attend, and I was able to meet many of the REQUIN vets I had only been communicating with via e-mail. I was also privileged enough to meet, for the first time, REQUIN's second skipper, Capt. George Street (Medal of Honor winner during WWII), as well as Capt. Ed Frame (skipper from 1962 - 64). I was also lucky enough to meet (again) Capt. Slade Cutter (REQUIN's first skipper), Capt. David Green (skipper from 1952 - 54), and Capt. Hank Bress (skipper from 1954 - 56), who just happens to be a neighbor of mine in Maryland. 

And now, for the photos.....


Art Wilson (on the right) and his son Dave. They came the farthest, from Long Beach, CA, and it was the first time in 51 years that Art had seen REQUIN. 

Art Wilson (left) and Richard Lyon (right). This was the first time they had seen each other since their time on REQUIN (51 years). 


Richard Lyon and his wife Corinne (seated) meet another of Richard's crewmates, Mike Leybick. Mike lives in the Pittsburgh area and is one of the dedicated volunteers who take tours through REQUIN. He and Richard hadn't seen each other in over 50 years. 



I had met Art Wilson through another REQUIN vet, Jim Reynolds. He and Art served during the same time period (1946 - 47) and later on, after their service in the Navy ended, worked near each other for a long time. They met again at a SubVets meeting in California, when Jim Reynolds had a copy of my history on REQUIN at the meeting.