SSR 481 Crew Patch
SSR 481 Crew Patch
SS-481: 1945 to 1948 - The Early Years
SSR-481: 1948 to 1959 - Life as a Radar Picket
SS-481 - 1959-1968: Fleet Snorkel (Second Calling as an  attack submarine)

Life Onboard a Radar Picket

The photos below, taken from slides shot in 1952 by REQUIN's skipper, Capt. David H. Green (USN, Ret.), show what life was like aboard REQUIN when she was a radar picket.

REQUIN pulling into St. Thomas, VI in 1952
REQUIN pulling into St. Thomas, USVI, after maneuvers with NATO forces, sometime in early 1952
REQUIN pulling into St. Thomas, VI in 1952
Another view of REQUIN pulling into St. Thomas. Notice that ever present part of submarine life, the coffee cup. 

REQUIN also made an appearance in the drydock in Guantanomo, Cuba.
John Faust and Jay Novellis
Standing in front of REQUIN in the drydock is Chief of the Boat John Faust and Chief Auxiliaryman Novellis.

Some more shots of life aboard REQUIN.....
Jay Beam, overseeing the cleaning of the 40 mm gun
This view of REQUIN at sea shows the gunnery officer, Jay Beam, overseeing a cleaning of the 40 mm gun on REQUIN's forward cigarette deck. 
Gibraltar, 1952 Taken in August of 1952, this photo taken by Capt. Green shows REQUIN pulling out of Gibraltar, heading east into the Med. 



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