1960s Crew Patch
USS REQUIN (SS-481/SSR-481) Tour Pamphlets
1960s Crew Patch

Tour pamphlet from Tampa
This tour pamphlet was given out to visitors aboard REQUIN when the sub was in Tampa. It folded out to an 11" x 17" sheet, which included a diagram of the compartments visited on a tour. When I was aboard her in Tampa in 1974, you could go anywhere (except for the sonar shack), including into the conning tower. At that time, REQUIN was in pretty good shape, but would suffer through neglect, leading to her closing in December of 1986.

For many years during the 1990s at the Carnegie Science Center, REQUIN was featured as the main exhibit for various scientific topics. And each year, different tour pamphlets were given out to visitors aboard REQUIN, providing some brief facts regarding REQUIN's history.

The first tour pamphlet, October of 1990. This pamphlet reflects the times that REQUIN was open for visitors, which was only a brief period, as the science center still had a lot to do to get REQUIN ready for the first year of tours.
The second tour pamphlet, given out in 1991. Basically the same as the one given out in October of 1990, REQUIN was still only open for visitors during the spring, summer and fall.
The 1992 Tour Pamphlet




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