1960s Crew Patch
1960s Crew Patch

Before REQUIN was moved to Pittsburgh, she underwent a period of drydocking to check out her hull. This drydocking was quite substantial and rumor has it that George Steinbrenner (yes, the George Steinbrenner - he also owned International Ship Repair shipyard in Tampa) foot some of the bill for the drydock work  The photos below show some views of REQUIN in drydock. (Photos courtesy of Ken Henry, Tampa, Fl.)

REQUIN, after her move from the Hillsborough River in Tampa to the shipyard at International Ship Repair. Her hull has been painted with red lead, to prevent rusting, and the basin has been flooded, to check the hull integrity.
A view of the chin dome on REQUIN. (That's Ken Henry, "holding up" REQUIN on the blocks). Before her tow to Pittsburgh, a special channel had to be dredged at her berth because of the chin dome. No one in Pittsburgh knew about the dome until the submarine was drydocked in Tampa.
REQUIN on the blocks, her time in drydock almost over. Taken from down in the drydock basin, REQUIN's stern has been repaired and painted. 
Here, REQUIN's hull is being repainted, after some outer hull plates had been welded on and/or repaired.



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