SS-481 - First Crew Insignia
USS REQUIN (SS-481/SSR-481) - Book Information
1960s Crew Patch
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Ordering Information

Rebirth of a Submarine:  A History of the USS REQUIN (SS-481/SSR-481)Rebirth of a Submarine: A History of the USS REQUIN (SS-481/SSR-481) tells the story of REQUIN, from her commissioning on April 28, 1945 to her service as a radar picket submarine and finally as a fleet snorkel submarine. It also tells the story of how she was moved from Tampa, Florida to her present berth in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The upcoming 2nd Edition will feature improved drawings and more photos.

Call or E-MAIL First!!!    I'm currently sold out, but I know where some copies of the 1st Edition may still be available.

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